About IIBA®

About IIBA®

About the Los Angeles Chapter

We are the Los Angeles Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis, IIBA®, supporting our local members in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Local chapters advance the mission and objectives of IIBA® by promoting professional standards and practices at the local level. Ongoing professional development is a key benefit to membership and is supported at the chapter level through activities, meetings, and educational programs. Joining IIBA® and getting involved with a local chapter demonstrates commitment to lifelong learning and professional excellence in the area of Business Analysis. In addition, ongoing interaction with fellow professionals leads to knowledge exchange and communication of best practices.

To learn more about our chapter, please contact us at info@losangeles.iiba.org.


Membership Committee

The VP of Membership and the Membership Committee are responsible for:

Administration     Maintaining and creating a more complete membership registry.
Recruitment   Working with the VP of Corporate Outreach to build a recruitment plan and execute on the plan to grow our chapter membership.
Contacting/Working with Members   Engaging members to promote member involvement:
- Via email to introduce, thank and remind.
- Via the Membership Desk at chapter events.
Continuous Improvement   Responsible for membership surveys and membership quality initiatives.
Increasing the Value Proposition   Partnering with other committees to ensure value is provided to members.

Join the Membership Committee and help us serve our chapter needs in:

Administration     Maintaining and creating a more complete membership registry.
Contacting/Working with Members
to promote member involvement
  Via email to introduce, thank and remind; at the membership desk at chapter events.

If you are interested, please email: membership@losangeles.iiba.org




The Chapter was created in January, 2007 and formally chartered in June, 2007.  In 2008, the Chapter ceased to operate due to lack of volunteer availability and support.  In March, 2009 the Chapter began a re-launch effort with the assistance of a new leadership team and additional committed volunteers. We encourage you to attend Chapter events and volunteer if you're interested in being a part of the re-launch effort and future growth of the Chapter.

Los Angeles Chapter Committees

Volunteers Needed

The Los Angeles IIBA needs your help!

We are actively looking for individuals who would like to enhance their professional career by volunteering as a committee member. Click below to discover the exciting work being done and how you can help!

Marketing Committee

Membership Committee

If you are interested in working on a committee, please contact info@losangeles.iiba.org for more information.



  • To advance the practice and profession of Business Analysis in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.
  • To encourage education, certification, and professionalism in Business Analysis.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and examination of problems, solutions, applications, and ideas related to the Business Analyst role.



Marketing and Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee of the IIBA® LA Chapter is responsible to the chapter’s Executive Board and members for communicating the value of the business analysis profession, the value of chapter membership, and marketing events and activities that convey those values.

Committee Goals

To facilitate the Chapter mission by:

  1. Implementing a marketing and communications strategy that broadens the appeal of the IIBA® LA Chapter.
  2. Developing marketing and communications tools, including the use of social media applications, in promoting the IIBA® LA Chapter brand.
  3. Promoting the services of the IIBA® LA Chapter.
  4. Increasing the number of IIBA® LA Chapter affiliations.

Committee Contact

James Jackson, VP, at communications@losangeles.iiba.org

Volunteering Opportunities

We are looking for volunteers in the following roles:

  • Mailing list manager
  • Content development manager
  • Social media managers – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  • Researcher


If you are interested in pursuing any of these opportunities, please contact James Jackson atcommunications@losangeles.iiba.org